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We help you build agile, adaptive capabilities for change

With digital acceleration


We can help you keep pace with change demands. Pivot and shift priorities quickly. And drive high levels of engagement - even with distributed and increasingly remote employees.

Plan & deliver projects more successfully

Upskill quickly & cost-effectively

Drive up user adoption of critical technologies

Build an enterprise-wide Change Capability

Gain Change credibility and differentiate yourself

Create an agile Change Management culture

Get Change Management capability to more people, in a cost-effective way. And enhance your ability to deliver change and transformation at scale.

40K +

Users & Practitioners in our Community

25 yrs +

experience delivering solutions

900K +

Data points for benchmarking in our database

It has 6 Critical Success Factors that are proven to help you:

  • Plan and successfully navigate the impact of organisational transformation on people
  • Prepare Change Management plans that that drive up the adoption of new technologies and processes
  • Measure and track what’s happening with people during organisational change
  • Use real-time data to accelerate engagement, build and sustain commitment to change


Innovative digital Change Management capability

Roadmap Pro® is our content-rich, integrated digital SaaS application.

Powered by our proven PCI® methodology, it provides the digital capability to bring together all of the Change Management learning, tools, planning & collaboration capability your teams need to be successful.

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    Changefirst provided a highly scalable Change Management approach that gave us a consistent way to deliver our change initiative. And build a thriving community of practitioners who are equipped to manage change in the future.

    Head of Change and Org Effectiveness



    Virtual Change Management Certification

    Powerful capability diagnostics for your organisation

    The Change Capability Diagnostic is a research-based, best of breed assessment tool - from our Australian partner Change Synergy - which is available from Changefirst.

    Use it to baseline capability levels in your organisation and teams, and build a detailed roadmap for value-added Change Capability building.


    Download a copy of our Agile Change ebook

    Taking an agile approach is increasingly important in organisations but what are the implications are for Change Management?

    Download a copy of our eBook to find out:

    • What exactly is agile – and what is driving the need for it?
    • What agile means for Change Management and how to adapt your approach to align with it
    • Why Enterprise Change Management is the key building block of Enterprise agility

    Build Resilience and Adaptability in your leaders, teams and individuals with PAI™

    PAI™ or the Personal Adaptability Inventory is our proprietary psychometric and development method.

    It is designed to help leaders, teams and individuals develop mental resilience and adaptability to enable them to survive and thrive through disruption and uncertainty.

    To match your evolving transformation needs.

    Digital OCM Licensing

    Digital Tools

    Tools - All of the Change Management tools and planning capability you need. Available 24/7 via our cloud based platform

    On-Demand Learning

    Just-in-time e-learning that provides cost-effective Change Management fundamentals for Managers and Employees

    Content Licensing

    Easy access to proven, trademarked OCM resource materials for Certified trainer reproduction

    Role-based, Accelerated Learning

    Role Based Training

    Training and Certification for Leaders, Teams and Project & Change professionals to gear-up quickly

    Boost Your Credentials

    Boost your CV and stand out from the crowd. Become the 'go-to-expert' and senior coach inside your organisation

    Centres of Excellence

    Develop expert Change communities, control your OCM practices and reduce training costs over time

    Coaching and Consulting Support

    Business Alignment

    Align Change Management best practices with other business, delivery and project processes

    Project Acceleration

    Accelerate project success with our focused workshops and expert coaching and consulting packages

    Build Change Maturity

    Build your strategic roadmap to OCM maturity to match your change and transformation demands

    No need to lose time re-inventing the wheel. Our change management was able to keep pace with a very dynamic change agenda.

    Head of People & Org. Effectiveness


    Virtual Change Management Certification

    Take our assessment to baseline your Change Maturity

    Our solutions are all designed to build the level of Change Maturity in your organisation.

    Take our Change Management Maturity assessment and:

    • baseline where you are against 4 levels of competency and associated mindsets
    • talk to us about how we can help you build your levels of Change Maturity
    • shape your roadmap to developing great Change maturity and capability


    Australia and NZ

    A Change Management consulting and training firm that helps clients build the necessary change capability and capacity to realise the expected benefits from business critical change initiatives.

    Latin America

    Organisations are reinventing themselves through innovation, digital transformation and new technologies, and people need to adapt to new scenarios, develop resilience and adhere to change more quickly.


    TLS help you effect transformation much faster, and more sustainably and realise planned value with people at the centre.

    Germany, Austria, Turkey Consulting

    Providing management consultancy that helps you master transformations quickly, in a structured and secure manner.

    UK Consulting

    We’re a boutique Business Change Consultancy, and we’re busy creating a world where people truly understand themselves and others and are inspired to make a positive difference in everything they do.


    Delivering executive leadership education for fast-rising professionals in Africa - who can lead in a fast-changing world, be adaptable and creative, as well as develop and implement new ideas for improvement