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    Our online toolkit helps you build competitive advantage by developing your in-house capabilities to deliver change successfully. Welcome to e-change®

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  • Our process


    The e-change learning academy offers a world-class resource center while practical e-learning modules help people develop and apply their change management knowledge and skills.

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    Our diagnostic tools help you gain vital insight into risk and take effective, early action. Intrinsically collaborative, the toolkit includes benchmarking and recommends actions.

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    With the e-change roadmap planning tool you can create, refine, share and manage workstreams, step by step. Naturally, it integrates with leading project management methodologies.

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  • Why...

    Why choose us

    Change Managers

    Based on proven, world-class methodology e-change equips change managers and their teams to manage change using an online toolkit that is easy to use, accessible and designed for sharing. Streamlined and scalable, it offers access to practical tools and invaluable learning resources, and can be shaped to meet your specific needs.

    Decision Makers

    Organizations change most successfully when change management becomes a core internal capability. In other words, when the power is in your hands. We can help you transfer knowledge and develop essential skills, tools and processes in-house. With e-change the process is rapid and cost-effective, and the results are both powerful and lasting.

    IT Managers

    As an IT manager, you’ll find e-change meets your needs – and those of non-technical colleagues. No installation is required. It integrates with existing project management tools. It offers easy global access for local and international project collaboration at all levels. And, as you would expect, it offers full corporate security.

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  • How we help


    Working collaboratively with your people, we help you identify the optimum approach to implementing e-change. We can add specific tools, e-learning modules and your own branding.

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    Led by respected facilitators, our face-to-face or live online workshops are designed for leaders, change managers and senior executives. We also offer training, coaching and vocational qualifications.

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    Our onboarding process is carefully designed to ensure that people acquire the skills, knowledge and behaviors they need to become comfortable and proficient using e-change.

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    We are committed to protecting and using your data appropriately. We ensure that e-change is both accessible and secure through our robust infrastructure, systems and policies.

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  • Who we are

    Our story

    The Changefirst story began in the UK in 1995 when CEO David Miller founded the company. David, who was soon joined by Audra Proctor, explains: “We founded the company because we saw a problem – we noticed how difficult it was for companies to bring about change, especially changes in behaviors. With many years of experience on major organizational change programs between us, we knew we could help companies manage change successfully with our People Centered Implementation (PCI) methodology.”

    More than 20 years on David, Audra and the team have shared their passion, knowledge and practical skills with over 300 companies in 45 countries, training more than 30,000 people. But numbers are only part of the story. “Many of our clients choose to work with Changefirst because they value our expertize and credentials,” David says. “And we contribute to the global change management knowledge base by publishing open access white papers and writing books.”

    “A few years ago we realized that people needed digital solutions. David says. “So we developed the e-change® toolkit and we have made our training, tools and processes available online. It’s fast and cost-effective and it’s based on our proven PCI methodology. But our clients are best placed to explain its real value in terms of competitive advantage – so do take a look at their stories, too.”

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