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Intermediate workshop for Managers

Helping you manage your team through Change

1-day intermediate workshop: Local and Line Managers who need to deliver change

Effective change and transformation may be initiated centrally in many businesses but it is implemented locally. In regions, units, and teams. Many of which are remote and geographically distributed.

Line Managers and Local Champions are critical to ensuring consistent change throughout the workplace - particularly in a fast-paced change environment. In this action-learning, planning workshop (for groups of 15-20 max.) attendees learn about their critical role in change and develop the skills to motivate their teams through the process with:

  • Access to a proven, globally recognised and research - based framework and tools
  • Expert facilitation, action - learning and coaching to help ensure immediate benefit
  • Fast-paced, experiential working on ‘live’ change challenges
  • Flexible virtual or face-to-face delivery

Initiate local change initiatives right, first time and in a people-centred way

Deploy central, business level changes by developing commitment

Drive continuous improvement and performance change in your area

Virtual Change Management Certification

This Intermediate workshop provides professional development and is best suited for:

  • Line Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Local HR BPs

It is available face-to-face and virtually - for individuals, groups or intact teams.

And train-the-trainer modules are available for internal professionals certified by Changefirst.

Learning objectives

During this 1 - day immersive, action learning workshop, Managers learn (and apply):

  • An overall structure and practical steps to assess risk and plan a change that affects people
  • How to create, tailor and share compelling change cases to create a sense of urgency among their teams
  • What active change sponsorship looks like and how to demonstrate that with teams
  • How to engage teams and sustain momentum beyond early communication
  • How to prepare a plan for effective local deployment of a business change

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1 day (7 hours) + up to 30 minutes of pre-work

Introduction to a proven change leadership framework and tools to support practical data - driven action

Participant handbook + individual action planning


  1. Lessons and indicators from a legacy change execution risk profile

  2. High-level plan of risk mitigating actions for a current change

  3. Change sponsorship gap analysis & improvement plan

  4. High-level Change Management engagement plan


Organisational Context and Agenda

  • Why commitment is crucial for success
  • 6 Critical Success Factors to close the change ‘value gap’
  • Assessment and tracking Change Implementation

Defining a change and preparing for communication

  • Consistent messaging
  • Creating local connection
  • High-level change communication


Leading Change effectively

  • Different change leader roles
  • Crucial behaviours of Sponsors
  • Other local change management skills needed for success

Keeping people engaged in the change process

  • Building commitment to change
  • Managing change related resistance

project change management

Proven Change Management Framework PCI® (People-Centred Implementation)

  • Role-relevant training, skills and change resources for line managers
  • Detailed workbook, checklists and templates
  • Change sponsor checklist and practical development suggestions

project change management

Change Management data analytics for driving change success

  • Learn from real data on past change execution
  • Current-state change maturity assessment

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We chose Changefirst’s PCI® because it provided a structured, yet highly flexible approach to business change and building our own capability. The workshop for managers is excellent - really getting to the heart of what change really means for me as a leader and my team.

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