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Foundation Change Management Learning On-Demand

An introduction for Employees

On-demand training: Learn the fundamentals of Change Management

Organisations change when individuals and teams change. Because they are inspired and feel confident to embrace change - and the new ways of working it requires.

This On-Demand series – comprising 3 impactful e-learning modules is specifically for employees who need to develop the skills to self-manage during major organisational change.

By building their resilience and personal adaptability that enables them to thrive at times of high disruption.

On-Demand Change Management training

Virtual Learning


Adapt and thrive through change and disruption

Understand what Change Management is and how it helps project success

Learn self-management tactics to leverage during major business change

Virtual Change Management Certification

This programme of e-learning modules is best suited for:

  • Accidental Change Agents or anyone new to change who needs an introduction to Change Management
  • Employees impacted by change who need to self-manage during major organisational change and build their personal adaptability in times of disruption
  • Leaders and people specialists who need to develop business resilience - preparing and supporting large groups for major transformation

Learning objectives

This self-paced virtual learning is designed for professional development and to work around your schedule. It contains 3 interactive, practical cloud-based modules of 60 minutes each*.

  • Learn how individuals can become more resilient and change-ready
  • Get an introduction to the fundamental concepts and organisational benefits of Change Management
  • Understand the importance of building people's commitment to achieving change success and the reactions from people. That need to be managed to develop and sustain that commitment 
  • Explore the benefits of PCI® - Changefirst's people-centred approach to planning and delivering organisational change; how it contributes to project success

*Modules are available initially on a 6-month licence (and renewable thereafter).

project change management

Module 1:   Thriving Through Change

  • Resilience and Personal Adaptability profile and development tactics
  • Understanding of the key stages of human transition during change
  • And specific tactics for self-management

project change management

Module 2:  Delivering Organisational Change

  • Understanding how organisational change impacts people
  • Practical framework to build awareness, acceptance and ultimate commitment to change
  • 6 practical steps to engage people in organisational change

project change management

Module 3:  Exploring PCI (People-Centred Implementation)

  • Understanding of the contribution of Change Management to project success (including making the case with stakeholders)
  • 6 critical success factors to assess and plan for a real change project 
  • Change implementation checklist

Virtual Change Management Certification

If you are a Manager or Team Leader - new to Change Management - but with a crucial role to help others navigate the organisational change process.

Then you might want to add this immersive, experiential 90-minute virtual learning module Managing Teams through Change, available to you on a 6 month licence (renewable thereafter).

This additional module covers the following topics:

  • Six practical steps to analyse risk and plan a change that impacts people
  • How to make an effective case for change with your team
  • What active change sponsorship looks like and how to demonstrate that with your team
  • Building a high-level change delivery plan or tailoring a plan for the team
  • Use of key pieces of people-focused change data


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