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The agile Change Management company

We are re-imagining Change Management with digital technology

Our shared mission is to enable organisations with sustainable change capabilities. And create value-centric supportive relationships beyond the training or technology.


By cost-effective skill-building


With high user adoption levels


with digital enablement

Our team is 110% focused on enabling our clients to deliver change in a highly agile - and sustainable way. With digital front and centre in the mix.

Audra Proctor


Changefirst was established over 25 years ago - by David Miller, Author, Change Management thought leader and strategist.

David was quickly joined by CEO Audra Proctor - co-author of Enterprise Change Management. And a passionate group of like-minded Change Practitioners and experts. All with first-hand experience of major organizational changes. Done, both well and badly,

Our comprehensive body of best practices from the field - supported by relevant academic research - enabled us to create our facilitated workshops. Planning with leaders and their teams and providing resilience and adaptability coaching with individuals to describe, explain and show:

  • how best to plan and implement organisational change with people ‘front and centre’
  • in a way that will not overwhelm an organisation
  • and will build a repeatable internal capability
Clients consistently tell us how highly they value the action-learning aspect of our virtual and face-to-face training programmes.

Maureen Graham

Customer Success

A tried & tested Change Management approach. Evolving with change and transformation challenges up & down the enterprise

Building and maintaining individual & team resilience to assimilate more Change

Managing people risks that can derail individual projects

Tracking and reporting change results across workstreams and projects

Understanding and managing the impact of excessive demand and change saturation across the organisation

Building sustainable internal change capabilities so expert teams and enterprises can control their transformation agenda

Our innovative use of technology means you can scale your Change Management initiatives. In 48 hours. Not 48 days.

Donna Imrie-Browne

Product Development

Download a copy of our Agile eBook

Taking an agile approach is increasingly important in organisations but what are the implications are for Change Management?

Download a copy of our eBook to find out:

  • What exactly is agile – and what is driving the need for it?
  • What agile means for Change Management and how to adapt your approach to align with it
  • Why Enterprise Change Management is the key building block of Enterprise agility

At the forefront of digital change tools and applications since 1995

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Risk assessment toolkit online

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First on-demand e-learning programs

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Aligning training with digital application

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Launch of Roadmap Pro®

A proven change management methodology like PCI® creates an environment of sustained change and ultimately increases project success rates.

Ian Roughsedge

Changefirst partner - Australia and New Zealand

We put data at the heart of our approach

With leaders and their Change and Project professionals. There is a data-driven revolution taking place in business. And access to real-time people data is helping to move Change Managementfrom a soft art to hard craft. Our substantive Change Management database – with over 900,000 responses (one of – if not the largest - globally) – helps us to empower organisations with:

  • “real - time” checks on change progress
  • implementation Legacy data to improve planning for new initiatives
  • dashboard analytics to improve leaders and stakeholder engagement
  • industry benchmarks to strengthen decision - making

    The ability to analyse people-change risks and impacts across your teams, functions and geographies - in realtime – removes the guesswork from delivering change effectively.

    Simone Costa

    Changefirst Partner - Brazil

    Digital learning that scales quickly

    Organisations change when individuals and teams change. Because they are inspired and feel confident to embrace change - and the new ways of working it requires. Our on-demand approach to learning delivery quickly reaches employees who need to develop the skills to self-manage during major organisational change. By building their resilience and personal adaptability that enables them to thrive at times of high disruption.

    To truly experience transformation we must change first. With Roadmap Pro® the ability to scale capability quickly is building cultures where change is everyone’s business.

    Cordell Williams

    Changefirst partner and facilitator - the Caribbean

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