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PAI™ (Personal Adaptability Inventory) framework

Our practical psychometric for building resilience and adaptability during disruption

Resilience and adaptability can be built in your Organisation

The problem with people is that predictability makes life easy for our brains.

The uncertainty of Change, plus the emotional roller-coaster associated with it (re-thinking, pivoting and starting over again) puts both our brains and our bodies to work. And it is important to develop resilience and adaptability in people in your organisation to meet the challenge.

Resilience is dynamic and it can be developed. But it can also become depleted over time. In fact our own research points to the fact that 76% of people feel overwhelmed by change.

Virtual Change Management Certification

Are you noticing signs of low Resilience amongst your leaders and teams?

Take a look at the PAI™. Our psychometric tool for building mental and emotional resilience during disruption.

Or talk to us about how we can help develop leader and team resilience and adaptability and tackle change fatigue across your organisation.


Organisations simply don't Change unless, and until, the people inside them do. The problem is that predictability makes life easier for our brains and bodies.

Audra Proctor

CEO, Changefirst

Academic and field research by Changefirst indicates that individuals have preferences - characteristics they overuse and underuse during times of Change and disruption. Knowing whether these preferences will hinder or enable performance - and also where people development is crucial to Change and transformation success is key.


A belief that Change will have positive outcomes


A belief in one's own capabilities to benefit from Change


An ability to prioritise goals to pursue in face of difficulties

Open to ideas

Open-ness to alternative ideas and solutions

Seeks support

Open-ness to the involvement and support of others


An ability to make and flex a plan for personal change


Readiness to step into the relative 'unknown'

PAI™ enables you to identify right characteristics to develop and boost Resilience and:

  • enables leaders and their teams to proactively assess their own behaviours in relation to the 7 Resilience characteristics
  • helps you recognise and understand the behaviours associated with over - use and under-use of the characteristics in specific situations
  • allows you to craft realistic personal development and action plans to build adaptability levels at individual, team or organisational levels

Virtual Change Management Certification

3 top-line indicators of Higher Personal Resilience and Adaptability

Here are 3 indicators from our research that are associated with Higher Personal Adaptability:

  1. In an adverse situation people have a learning or coping reaction, rather than a victim reaction.
  2. People understand or share the feelings of others, can understand views that they disagree with and see what is legitimate about someone acting in ways they dislike.
  3. Things work better when Resilient people are involved. They interact with the world in a flexible, synergistic way.

Talk to us about leveraging PAI™ in your organisation

There are a number of ways to leverage the benefits of PAI in your organisation including:

  • Thriving Through Change training where PAI™ is included (an approach that support thousands of people)
  • Buy digital bundles and team profiles to coach and facilitate using PAI™
  • 2 day face to face workshop to build resilience and adaptability