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Executive Bootcamp

Leading Strategic change in highly disruptive times

1 day Executive Bootcamp: Give your leaders the tools and skills to succeed

Building a “change-ready” organisation brings real competitive advantage; during times of chaos and disruption – like right now - this is not just a ‘nice-to-have’. But a business essential.

Groups of 6–20 leaders work in this dynamic, immersive and highly interactive Bootcamp. Focused on developing the skills needed to manage change load and take an adaptive approach to Change Management. Sponsoring, guiding and supporting a people-centred transformation agenda. With effective planning oversight, tracking and measurement.

Leaders immediately apply learning and data insights to real strategic and transformation challenges in your organisation. To help them affect performance change.

Help your business recover from disruption and thrive quickly 

Adopt an agile, adaptive transformation approach and deliver performance change

Learn how to sponsor change in a people-centred way

Virtual Change Management Certification

This Bootcamp is ideally suited for:

  • Executive teams, Heads of Business
  • Transformation Steering Group
  • OCM practice leaders
  • P & OD leaders

It is specifically designed to energise Change Leaders towards a more agile, adaptive approach to driving transformation in their organisation.

Learning objectives

This immersive, action learning Bootcamp focuses on developing skills to help:

  • Managing organisational change load effectively
  • Understanding style and process needed to guide and sponsor people-centred transformation
  • Harness the power of 6 Critical Success Factors (CSFs) to manage through disruption
  • Use real-time data for effective measurement, change oversight and progress tracking
  • Building a high-level plan for transformation and capability building


(6 hours) + up to 30 minutes of pre-work

Digital risk assessment data and action plan

Participant handbook + individual action planning


  1. Portfolio and programme prioritisation

  2. Insights and indicators from past change execution

  3. High-level risk tracking and mitigation plan for a current change programme

  4. Change sponsorship gap analysis and development actions

project change management

Proven Change Management Framework PCI® (People-Centred Implementation)

  • Role-relevant change resources for leaders
  • Detailed workbook with agile Change Management framework
  • Change leader/sponsor checklist

project change management

Change Management data analytics for driving change success

  • Learn from real data on past change execution
  • Current-state change maturity assessment

project change management

Resilience & Personal Adaptability profile with development tactics

  • Psychometric behaviour profile
  • Development suggestions
  • Expert facilitation, interpretation and development coaching

This is a sample agenda. But do speak to us about modularising or tailoring this Bootcamp to your specific business needs.


Organisational Context

  • Understanding current Change Maturity

Change demand vs. capacity

  • Assessing and prioritising change load

Building organisational resilience

  • Personal Adaptability characteristics
  • Individual and team profiling
  • Practical development planning


Agile Change Management

  • A people-centred approach to change and transformation
  • Quantifying and tracking people risks to successful change
  • Taking data-driven decisions for the future

Effective Change Leadership

  • Key roles in change, common mistakes and building effective sponsor networks
  • Individual and team profile and development planning

Talk to us about creating a Bootcamp for your leaders

Over a 6-year period, Changefirst partnered with us to build a global capability to plan and deliver change effectively – starting with our top 250, working through our management spine and also with internal project teams.

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