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Change Management Training and Certification Workshop

Enabling highly effective, agile Change Planning and Deployment for Change Agents

3 day programme for Change professionals (virtual or face-to-face)

During this workshop groups and transformation teams of 6 – 12 specialists are immersed for 3 days in a robust Change Management Practitioner action-learning programme based on our globally recognised PCI methodology.

It is focused on helping Change Agents build and execute agile, people-centred plans that turn change strategy into tangible business results where:

  • Practitioners work on live change initiatives and workstreams, solving real business problems
  • Learning is immediately tried and tested “in-programme”
  • Attendees also work with our digital toolkit to improve productivity and accelerate and advance Change Management practices.

Ongoing digital change management application access to our Roadmap Pro® digital platform, is included with this programme, so attendees can continue to leverage this capability on future projects.

The programme can be configured for a closer fit with your specific change challenges. Given its robust nature and the level of detail covered, participants are awarded a Changefirst Practitioner Certification upon completion.

  • To book an Inhouse Programme please contact us and one of our Change Experts will be in touch.

  • We also run Open Enrolment Programmes during the year across EMEA, US & Canada, Brazil, the Caribbean and Australia timezones. Simply register here and you will be the first to know about upcoming dates.

3‐days of immersive action-learning to gain the knowledge, advanced skills, agile processes and tools to drive successful change initiatives in your organisation

Access to a best-in-class digital change management application with practitioner tools and resources to boost Change Management productivity and agility

Differentiate yourself, boost your CV in a highly competitive marketplace. Build the fluency and confidence to deliver organisational value

Virtual Change Management Certification

Who would benefit from attending this workshop?

This workshop is specifically designed to meet the needs of:

  • People and OD Practitioners
  • Project and Change Managers
  • Change Management consultants

Learning objectives

The learning and application of a structured, agile Change Management methodology and approach that enables you to:

  • Create and share a compelling case for change that directs and motivates key people in your organisation
  • Develop a network of prepared change leaders to provide direction, guidance and support for strategic change
  • Design and implement the engagement processes needed to communicate with, involve, up-skill and reward people for their part in the successful delivery of change
  • Help Line Managers drive local deployment, build commitment, bridge skill gaps and manage change-related resistance
  • Create actions to support people though the behaviour change needed to make change stick
  • Diagnose people risks and measure and track change progress

All built into flexible,detailed change workstream plans around agile processes that align with project activities

Download our Training & Certification guide

In an increasingly disrupted business environment there has never been a better time to stand out as a Change Management expert. And Change Management Training and Certification is key to that.

Download our comprehensive guide to find out:

  • 8 key benefits of becoming Change Certified
  • How we see newly Certified practitioners apply their newfound skills in their everyday roles
  • Our 8 point checklist for selecting the right Training & Certification for your needs

Need to schedule Change Agent training and Certification in your organisation?


3 days (21 hours) workshop training + up to 2 hours of pre-work

9 Multi-lingual Risk & Readiness diagnostic tools

People data to build a detailed plan during the workshop

12 month’s access to our digital change management application Roadmap Pro

Detailed participant handbook + change management plan + digital practitioner Certificate and recognition badge


  1. Detailed people-risk profiling

  2. Detailed Change Management and workstream plan of risk mitigating actions for a current change

  3. Additional project deliverables – including messaging and communications plan, engagement strategy and detailed involvement planning, Leader development and preparation plans. Stakeholder management plans

project change management

Proven Change Management Framework PCI® (People-Centred Implementation)

  • Blended, highly interactive learning process
  • Role-relevant and agile training over 3 days (flexible delivery either virtual or face-to-face)
  • Detailed workbook (195 pages)
  • Quick reference guide
  • Facilitation by senior experts
  • Peer and expert facilitator insights

project change management

12 months' licence to digital Change Management application Roadmap Pro®

  • 9 multi-lingual data tools people can respond to in 10 languages
  • Detailed pre-populated, fully editable change and workstream plan
  • Analytical insights from probably the largest global OCM benchmarking database
  • 25+ step-by-step visual process guides
  • 40+ learning and coaching support videos on-demand

project change management

Changefirst Change Management Practitioner Certification

  • Industry-recognised Certificate and Badge
  • Fluency and a confident level of Change capability
  • Credibility with leaders and personal differentiation in a competitive marketplace

Position change management

  • Positioning with key stakeholders
  • Define the change - key messages and create the Elevator Speech

Create specific engagement plans for:

  • Involvement
  • Rewards & Incentives
  • Training/Learning
  • Ongoing communication

Local deployment planning (cont.):

  • Understanding and change related resistance
  • Integrated and agile planning measuring, tracking and reporting:
  • Best tools, timing, process

Map the Change Network

  • To highlight key stakeholders and potential risk areas
  • Create baseline impact & people risk profile for impacted groups in your Change Network

Prepare local managers for deployment:

  • Managers’ readiness Managers’ behaviour as local sponsor

Independent case-study application

To demonstrate:

  • Ability to explain value
  • Handling questions and objections
  • Interpreting change data
  • Building data-driven plan

Build stakeholder management strategy

  • Prepare Change leaders for their role with detailed support plans

Local deployment planning

  • Tailoring change messages
  • Local commitment-building actions
  • Work collaboratively with local Change champions

Workshop Review & Evaluation

  • Objectives and expectations
  • Next steps

Virtual Change Management Certification

A comprehensive solution

This programme comes with 12 month’s access to our Roadmap Pro® digital SaaS application, which helps Practitioners turn learning into sustained Change application including:

  • 25+ videos from our experts to learn our best practice OCM methodology (one of the most recognised and used globally)

  • Step by step visual guide to apply a proven implementation process to plan and deliver change projects

  • Pre-populated, fully editable Change plans and templates to help build robust plans quickly and with confidence

  • 9 Multi lingual data tools and analytical insights from one of the largest OCM databases in the world

  • Expert Change Execution advice and coaching on demand

  • Single click sharing and collaboration with an organisation licence, to drive up engagement and effective working across teams and geographies

Talk to us about Change Agent training and certification in your organisation

Virtual Change Management Certification

If your are interested in our Open Enrolment programmes, please REGISTER HERE. These instructor-led Change training workshops:

  • run during the year across EMEA, US & Canada, Brazil, the Caribbean and Australia timezones. Simply register here and you will be the first to know about upcoming dates
  • are ideal for individual People and OD Practitioners, Project and Change Managers and Change Management consultants
  • as well as small teams of 2 or 3 individuals from the same organisation


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