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Introducing Roadmap Pro®

End-to-end, digital Change Management

The Digital Change Management toolkit

Join 100+ organisations and 10,000+ registered users of Roadmap Pro® - the most advanced Change Management application - who are:

  • Analysing people change risks with powerful multi-lingual change assessment tools
  • Building robust plans using a proven change process
  • Collaborating effortlessly with their global teams
  • Reporting to leaders on plan progress
  • All with 24/7 learning and online support

At Changefirst we are experts in enabling effective organisational change for you. Our products and solution package is unique. Not available anywhere else.

Globally recognised methodology

We have a proven, research based approach to delivering change called PCI®. It is people-centred and one of only 3 recognised globally

“Digital First” approach

Roadmap Pro® was the first digital application to make available on-demand learning, a suite of assessment tools and project planning capability - all in one place

Agile & highly scalable

Make change everyone's business. We provide the tools and support designed to rapidly take a role based approach to scaling your capabilities

Comprehensive & practical

Our approach is to provide a truly blended solution. Which is both easy to learn and apply. Combining digital tools and knowledge with both virtual and face-to-face learning

Quick and cost-effective

We are focused on ensuring you impact your change initiatives in 48 hours, not 48 days; and in a way that won't break your budget

On-demand learning accessed via Changefirst’s digital application was a cost effective way to provide widescale awareness. And make resilience building techniques available to thousands of employees worldwide.

Head of Service Improvement and Business Change



Make real-time people risk assessments

Analyse real people-change risks and impacts across your teams, functions and geographies. There are 10 proven, multi-lingual assessment tools with automated survey and segmentation capability. And built-in actions for the plan to address identified risks.

Transform the way you deliver change

Plan faster with pre-populated plans and templates. Ready to use straight 'out-of-the-box'. Get your Change Management workstreams up and running quickly. Robust planning you can trust, based on 25+ years of real execution experience. Which is easy to scale and tailor to your needs.

Collaboration that's ‘always on’

Collaborate 24/7 with your colleagues across business units, functions and geographies - to build change plans together. Engage more of your people in the change process. Building commitment to change in a way that is both productive and cost effective.

Keep leaders in the loop

Manage key project Change Management information in one single dashboard. Quickly update leaders and the project team on milestone completion and upcoming priorities. As well as people-related risks and actions.

Context-driven learning

There are 25 bite-sized, in-context videos from our change experts. One for each step in the change process. To give you focused learning and immediate application. A proven alternative to face-to-face workshops. Providing the ability to reach more people and to quickly onboard new team members at a fraction of the normal cost.

Delivery to suit you

We work with you to assess your change and digital maturity; putting in place a solution to suit you.

Powered by PCI®

Our globally recognised methodology (People-Centred Implementation) provides a proven, people-centred approach.

Accelerated onboarding

Including leadership engagement, expert coaching, planning reviews, shadow resourcing & methodology integration.

Make it work your way

Customise to your own organisational needs and align with existing processes like Agile.

Free no-strings demo

See Roadmap Pro® in action by scheduling a no-obligation demo with one of our change experts.

Everything in one place

All of the change resources and tools you need. In one place. Available 24/7.