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Our latest eBook and white papers

Our Change Management Methodology: how PCI® Helps You Implement Change

Without a planned approach, tacking change can be daunting. And, hit and miss.

How Change Management Improves Your Project Management

Change Management and Project Management are complimentary disciplines, yet, projects often fail due to a lack of focus on people

Guide to Adaptive Change Leadership

Why your leadership style matters more than ever right now

Why agile Organisations need agile Change Management

A guide to aligning your Change Management approach in an agile environment

ROI of Change Management

How effective Change Management makes a substantial difference to your project performance

Comprehensive guide to Change Management Certification

What getting Change Certified means. And how to select the program that is right for you.

A C-suite guide to building change capability right across your organisation

A guide to ensuring that effective change capabilities become a part of your organization’s DNA.

Leveraging the power of digital in your Change Management approach

A strategic guide to getting the best out of digital in your Change Management approach

Why increasing organisational resilience matters as you look to deliver effective change

Exploring role of Individual and Team resilience in delivering effective transformation

Why People-Centred data is pivotal for successful organisational transformation

Findings from 55,000 people and almost 900,000 Change Management data points in our database.

Views from our blog

Why Change Management data is the key to your success

We believe that Change Management data is a core component that underpins the 6 Change Management Critical Success Factors (CSFs)

How to incorporate Change Management into Agile Projects

We are often asked by our clients is how do they incorporate Change Management with an agile project management methodology

5 data driven insights to help you implement change that “sticks”

Learning from the past, from others, from both successes and failures is critical for future change implementation success

Enterprise Change Management: assessing change maturity

Understanding where you are is as important as identifying where you are going. On your Change Management maturity journey

Is your Change Management capability missing the agile bus?

Being agile has become an imperative of the modern organization and more and more of our client organizations are using an agile framework

Aligning local and organizational change factors

Have you ever witnessed change in an organization that is inconsistently implemented across different parts of the organization?

5 key building blocks of effective Change Leadership

Delivering successfully as a leader on your change agenda right now is challenging. Against a backdrop that combines unprecedented personal and organizational change

Infographic: 6 key considerations for adaptive Change Leadership

As leaders continue to lead their teams through a period of unprecedented change, they face a wide range of challenges as they try to deliver projects against a backdrop of uncertainty

5 ways leaders can strengthen change resilience in challenging times

At Changefirst we have collectively lived through some truly exceptional times. However, we are all agreed on one thing right now. Nothing prepared us for the impact of the pandemic

4 key tools to help keep on top of change management risks

Many Change Management training courses only include training time. And when your course ends the learning ends

Why assessing change legacy and change impact are key in change

In this blog we look at ways that data-driven change management can transform the effectiveness of your change initiatives

Why agile organizations need agile change management

The past year has been the most challenging in living memory, from both a personal and business perspective. More or less across the board.

Video explainers on change

Consulting Firms - Differentiating Your Change Management Services

Get real-time data on your Change Management initiatives with Roadmap Pro

How Change Management Centres of Excellence can align existing approaches with PCI

How to deliver more organizational change with Roadmap Pro

How to successfully map your Change Management activity to an Agile approach

The benefits of a Cloud based approach to Change Management in your organization – video image 7

How our People Centred Implementation (PCI) approach can help drive organizational change

Why Agile Organizations need Agile Change Management* video image 9

Using proven Change Management techniques to drive adoption in technology