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Highly effective digital Change Management products

Innovative platforms that help you scale at pace

The sheer pace and volume of change demand an Agile approach to delivering effective change. Our innovative digital Change Management platforms make things much easier and cost-effective to scale. And continue to track.

Virtual Change Management Certification

Scaling capability to different needs, and building a consistent enterprise-level capability is not easy. But our SaaS platform – Roadmap Pro® will help you:

  • build individual, team and ECM capability quickly
  • increase collaboration and employee engagement during change
  • provide the tools, analytics and on-demand learning your distributed teams need


On-demand learning accessed via Changefirst’s digital platform was a cost effective way to provide widescale awareness and make resilience building techniques available to thousands of employees worldwide.

Head of Service Improvement and Business Change



Virtual Change Management Certification

ChangeViz™ is a powerful tool that enables you to visualise, align, prioritise and more effectively implement your portfolio of change. By:

  • mitigating change saturation risk in your organisation
  • ensuring you have capacity for strategic imperatives
  • enabling you to align your change portfolio against your objectives