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Diagnostics Pro® - our comprehensive, digital Change Management tools

Bring clarity to the complexity

The philosophy of Diagnostics Pro® is to always focus Change Management plans on addressing the critical few risks. Engaging more people in change by highlighting and understanding issues quickly - and building tailored responses and mitigation.

Work effectively remotely

Change planning doesn't need to be held up by lengthy or costly data capture and analysis. Or because people are disparate or working remotely

Get leadership buy-in

Business-critical changes needn’t suffer from insufficient stakeholder engagement that reduces connection and buy-in needed for deployment.

Improve data insight

Transformation leaders needn’t suffer from limited access to insightful data analytics and reporting to make meaningful decisions

Bring efforts together

Major organisational change shouldn't be plagued by disjointed deployment efforts which are difficult to track and measure

Diagnostics Pro is available to license (and access via our Roadmap Pro® platform) on either a 6 or 12 month licence basis and includes:

project change management

Insightful People Diagnostics

  • 9 powerful multi-lingual behaviour & risk assessment tools with automated survey and segmentation capability
  • methodology agnostic, easy to align with other frameworks
  • integrated action plan suggestions to mitigate key risks identified
  • Capture, analyse, compare, and understand people-change impacts and risks
    • quickly and cost effectively
    • by teams, functions, or geographies

project change management

Comparative analytics

  • access to benchmarking analytics to improve, validate and accelerate change decisions
    • one of the largest Change Management databases globally
  • ability to compare project performance across your organisation and within your industry

project change management

Flexible and automated

  • automated survey and segmentation capability
  • different ways to collect results with instantaneous updates
  • easy downloads to excel for added flexibility and integration
  • digital collaboration - share data and transfer ownership to colleagues
  • on-demand user support and guidance videos

Download our People-Centred Data research

Gathering and assessing data around change is in our DNA at Changefirst.

Download our latest research report - based on findings from 55,000 people and 900,000 data points – to find out why data is pivotal for successful transformation and learn how:

  • 76% of people say they are overwhelmed by change
  • Only 1/3rd of people feel there is sufficient Adaptive capacity for transformational changes
  • Analysis of past projects has enabled us to highlight 5 key people Change Risks that can cause lower commitment to projects

Virtual Change Management Certification

Build a data-driven culture

Diagnostics Pro puts data at the centre of your decision-making processes and:

  • enables agile decision-making based on timely data
  • allows you to engage and empower teams with real insights
  • creates data democratisation and greater change ownership
  • increases Change Management impact
  • uses digital technology to accelerate your approach

You can download a full list of Diagnostic Pro tools here.

Virtual Change Management Certification

Deliver more sustainable change

Put the focus on delivery change that really "sticks" by:

  • identifying and managing risks that can threaten people’s commitment to change
  • engaging more people remotely and virtually in the change process
  • having access to all project data and insights in one secure place

Virtual Change Management Certification

Build assessments around your own needs

Use our technology to build your own Change management Diagnostic:

  • blend questions from different tools
  • add your own actions and suggestions for a closer fit
  • add additional languages to your toolset

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Diagnostics Pro helped us focus and direct our resources to where they would make the most difference. We were able to more than double engagement levels – making key decisions with local teams based on their actual data.

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