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Proven and innovative Change Management Solutions

For organisations, teams and change professionals

Our highly flexible solutions and proven role-relevant training, enable you to pilot, configure, align and scale - at your pace.




Adopt new technologies and processes, deliver key projects and build sustainable enterprise-level capability with:

Consulting Teams

Onboard new hires. Digitalise and differentiate your Change Management. And create ‘sticky’ client relationships with:

Technology Adoption Teams

Drive high-user adoption rates. Improve subscription renewals and deliver more technology investment value with:

Deliver key projects. Coach and support leaders. Add new skills and tools to your playbook. Get a Certification with:

This was one of the most successful projects I have led. We built high engagement both centrally and globally and user acceptance rates have been very high.

Global Lead HR Customer and Channels Support


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For a wide range of Change related challenges across industry sectors

Virtual Change Management Certification

Struggling to keep pace and deliver projects successfully?

We can provide:

  • Training and application support for your project team
  • Digital methods, planning and execution guidelines to accelerate success with a people-centred approach
  • Proven change management tools, people data and analytics to strengthen change decision making
  • Visible and transparent governance with real-time dashboard reporting
  • Remote skills, tools and processes ‘on-demand’ to strengthen deployment


Virtual Change Management Certification

Need to build Enterprise-Wide (ECM) Change Capability in a remote workforce?

We can:

  • Assess your ECM Capability and help build your Roadmap to change success
  • Provide role-relevant skills, methods, digital tools and certifications to ensure you stay change-capable
  • Provide virtual, licenced access to best-practice tools, methods, planning and training - all available 24/7 globally to distributed teams
  • Coach and consult when you need it (e.g. on PM/CM alignment, PMO/CMO structure) and reduce time to solution value


Virtual Change Management Certification

Struggling to upskill quickly and cost-effectively to meet shifting business priorities?

You need our:

  • Virtual instructor-led training programmes for leaders, change/project professionals and people impacted by change
  • Cost-effective learning based on Changefirst’s globally recognised PCI® methodology
  • Application-focused and project-focused learning processes with expert facilitators. That enable you to turn learning into action quickly
  • Certifications that provide credibility and enable you to stand out from the crowd
  • On-demand e-learning for cost-effective skills transfer to large groups


Virtual Change Management Certification

Need to gain credibility and improve Change Management performance in your organisation?

We can help you:

  • Access world-class training on Changefirst’s globally recognised PCI® methodology
  • Strengthen your CV and distinguish yourself with by adding our Roadmap Pro® digital Change Management toolkit to your playbook
  • Gain an industry-recognised certification and licence materials. To become the ‘go-to-expert’ in your organisation
  • Become an internal coach and trainer. Able to prepare others for their role in the change process


Virtual Change Management Certification

How Change mature is your organisation?

Our solutions are all designed to build the level of Change Maturity in your organisation.

Take our Change Management Maturity assessment and:

  • get a measure of maturity that will help you determine the nature and scope of organisational change demand
  • baseline where you are against 4 levels of competency and associated mindsets
  • shape your roadmap to developing great Change maturity and capability

Virtual Change Management Certification

Have to drive-up user adoption of critical technologies?

We can help you:

  • To help your clients manage user issues after go-live that can threaten business goals achievement
  • Match and accelerate your technology implementation. With best of breed digital Change Management
  • Build high-engagement adoption plans
  • Improve your overall technology renewal rates


Virtual Change Management Certification

Do you need to Create an Agile Change Management Practice?

We can help you:

  • Reduce time-to-value with a ‘ready-to-use’ and ‘out-the-box’ digital Change Management SaaS application
  • Align Change Management best practices. And internal processes including Agile, Project & Portfolio Management
  • Plan faster and smarter. With pre-populated plans, templates and people-risk data analytics
  • Helping you to scale and tailor Change Management workstream plans quickly


Managing Change virtually with a distributed workforce

Our digital application - Roadmap Pro, takes Change Management to new levels of productivity and business impact. For Organisations and Change and Project Management professionals.

Enhancing your digital capability to deliver transformation at scale.

    Just-in time-learning and support

    In a high-velocity world, change is everyone's business. From senior leaders, through line managers to people on the front line.

    We help organisations to quickly build the capability they need, with “just-in time” training. Designed to enable learning and application of key tools and skills quickly across your organisation.

      Enterprise-wide, cost-effective capability building

      We have been helping organizations to build enterprise-wide Change capability for over 25 years. And have digitalized our own expertise and capabilities in our Roadmap Pro® digital application.

      Available to your organisation now. In a highly flexible subscription-based model).

        Digital OCM Licensing

        Digital Tools

        Tools - All of the Change Management tools and planning capability you need. Available 24/7 in the cloud

        On-Demand Learning

        Just-in-time e-learning that provides cost-effective Change Management fundamentals for Managers and Employees

        Content Licensing

        Easy access to proven, trademarked OCM resource materials for Certified trainer reproduction

        Role-based, Accelerated Learning

        Role based training

        Training and Certification for Leaders, Teams and Project & Change professionals to gear-up quickly

        Boost Your Credentials

        Boost your CV and stand out from the crowd. Become the 'go-to-expert' and senior coach inside your organisation

        Centres of Excellence

        Develop expert Change communities, control your OCM practices and reduce training costs over time

        Coaching and Consulting Support

        Business Alignment

        Align Change Management best practices with other business, delivery and project processes

        Project Acceleration

        Accelerate project success with our focused workshops and expert coaching and consulting packages

        Build Change Maturity

        Build your strategic roadmap to OCM maturity to match your change and transformation demands