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Upskill teams quickly and cost-effectively

To transform faster and more sustainably

Getting consistent change skills, tools and support to people wherever they are is key right now. In our high velocity world of change, change management needs to be everyone’s business.

Not just the ‘special sauce’ of a small number of experts. Remote or distributed teams need to be able to gear up quickly to take part; digital has a key role to play – scaling capability faster. More or less ‘on-demand’.

How we help

By enabling leaders, and their teams to upskill quickly and cost-effectively. Transferring the knowledge and know-how to transform their organisations faster and more sustainably.

There are a number of key components to our approach as follows:

We provide our own structured Change Management approach with proven skills, tools and methods. Tried and tested over time. Easy for people to learn and follow.

Starting with our methodology saves you time and money relative to developing your own. Providing consistency and clarity around what to expect from your change projects. Facilitating better problem identification and agile resolution.

Changefirst’s PCI® (People-Centred Implementation) methodology is comprehensive, research-based and globally validated as a body of best practice. Providing Leaders, Change & Project specialists, Local Managers & Employees with a clear structure to plan and delivery change successfully.



  • Our methodology is quick for your teams to learn and apply
  • It is robust enough to stand alone, but easy to configure
  • It also Integrates well with other delivery processes for seamless planning and delivery

Providing the skills, tools and processes from our proven methodology, which are relevant to their role and meeting the needs of key people in the change process. Enabling:

  • Executives and Leaders to manage the organisational change load. Guide, direct and actively sponsor a people-centred change process
  • Change Specialists to plan and execute plans with high levels of engagement. Taking your strategy to results
  • Project and Programme to integrate Change Management activities into your plans. Improve project ROI
  • Line Managers to reinforce change and motivate the teams in their parts of the organisation
  • Employees and ‘accidental Change Agents’ to get an introduction to the change process. Including how to self-manage and build resilience to help people deal with high levels of disruption


  • Includes immediate application of learning and skills
  • Ensures key skills and tools are made widely available
  • Creates consistent capability which is easy to repeat across the organisation

Instincts and experience are always valuable commodities in delivering change programmes. However, access to relevant comparable people data brings greater transparency. Encouraging open discussions, intelligent risk taking and data-driven decision making.

Our people-risk assessment tools give leaders and their Project and Change managers excellent insight into what needs to be done.

Both with – and for – people so that Change projects are structured for success.



  • Enables deeper, comparative understanding of the issues
  • Enables you to quickly identify and focus on the essentials and build tailored plans
  • Allows you to gain feedback directly from impacted individuals and groups, reducing project risks through better involvement

Our certifications help your organisation build different capability levels. Not just to plan and deliver change. But to coach and teach others how to plan and deliver change successfully.

We provide 3 levels of Certification that enable practitioners to demonstrate their commitment to leading the way change happens in your organisation. Contributing to the effectiveness and consistency of change practices internally.

These levels are:

  • Foundation– for Change and Project Management specialists
  • Advanced – for internal coaches and trusted advisers
  • Master Change Trainer – for expert internal trainers
There was really no need to lose time re-inventing the wheel. Using the Changefirst methodology as our base, putting key people tools at the heart of how we operate, our Change Management was able to keep pace with a very dynamic change agenda.

Head of People & Org. Effectiveness


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  • Making change everyone’s business in your organisation
  • Quickly upskilling your teams with role-relevant training, tools and proven approaches