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Changefirst Professional Change Management Certification

Recognising commitment to change success

We train and certify people with role-relevant, application-focused workshops and programmes, with the appropriate depth and validation for:

  • Individuals – who are keen to differentiate themselves in a competitive market
  • Organisations – to build layers of capability and expertise to match the change complexity the face

How we help

We provide Certification at a number of different levels depending on your specific requirements as follows:

This is awarded to Change Practitioners successfully completing our accelerated, immersive 3-day Expert Practitioner Workshop.

The robust nature of the programme means that Certification is awarded for:

  • Fluency
  • Confidence
  • Immediate application of principles learned

Foundation Certification holders are required to have a valid Roadmap Pro licence.


This level of Certification is available to Change and Project professionals who:

  • Are holders of Changefirst’s Foundation Certification; valid Roadmap Pro licence.
  • Have tangible experience of applying Changefirst’s methodology and toolkit to complex business changes
  • Are practitioners of other methodologies, having completed at least 21 hours instructor-led training in the last 5 years (and can provide evidence of practical application to complex business change)

This is a 1:1 virtual process. And is a mark of differentiation, competence and credibility. Successful candidates are awarded a hard-copy Certificate of Success and Digital Certification Badge to display on their LinkedIn profile.

We chose PCI because it provided a structured yet highly flexible approach to change and building our own capability.

Head of Change


Changefirst’s Master Trainer Certification prepares individuals inside organisations to build their skills and credibility to coach, train and develop others. In 3 core change roles in the organisation – the Executive Sponsor, the Change Agent and the ‘Local’ Sponsor or Line Manager.

This Certification enables the organisation to build an internal community of change experts. To advance the effectiveness and consistency of their change practices internally to:

  • support and control their own change and transformation
  • build internal Change Management capability in the most effective way
  • create a change-ready culture that provides a competitive edge.

This Certification is available at 2 levels, where practitioners are:

  1. trained and certified to deliver introductory change training using Changefirst resources
  2. trained and certified to deliver intermediate and advanced change training using Changefirst resources

This credential demonstrates commitment to personal growth and professional development in the Change Management arena. Enhancing career prospects and giving an edge in competitive situations.


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