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Build a change expert community internally

With an agile Train-the-Trainer approach

Train-the-Trainer: Create agility in your internal Change Training

Build a network of internal coaches and master trainers that enables your organisation to build change agility from within.

Individuals build their skills and credibility to coach, train and develop others in 3 core change roles in the organisation – the Executive Sponsor, the Change Agent and the ‘Local’ Sponsor or Line Manager.

During the programme, you spend 3 days practising how to teach the programmes in the way that best suits your organisation.

  • You receive feedback from both workshop peers and our expert facilitators to improve delivery
  • You prepare for your observation day to finalise Master Change Trainer Certification

Build change capability from within

Gain the skills and credibility to coach, train and develop others

Scale your change capability quickly

Virtual Change Management Certification

This is best suited for organisations who are looking to build and scale their change capabilities from within their organisation.

Learning objectives

This approach focuses on developing skills to help:

  • develop the internal skills to support effective change and transformation
  • manage the cost of change capacity building
  • build change agility internally

Detailed Train-the-Trainer Facilitator Guides including slides, key messages, activity directions, timing considerations, and how to prepare for each programme

Trainer resources including pre-prepared flip charts, participant workbooks, relevant hand-outs and references

  1. Facilitator guidance, individual coaching and delivery tricks and tips – all in a safe place to learn and practice

This is a sample agenda . But talk to us about modularising or tailoring this Train-the-Trainer programme to your specific business needs.

Day 1 - Change Agent Practitioner Programme

Preparing for a programme

  • materials, pre-work, logistics, digital application licencing/access

PCI® & 6 Critical Success Factor methodology review

  • common questions, appropriate positioning with people in project/change agent roles

Practice delivery

  • initiating a change with a clear purpose
  • change network mapping and analysis
  • using digital tools effectively

Practice delivery

  • Change Network Mapping & Stakeholder Management Planning

Day 2 - Change Agent Practitioner Programme

Practice delivery

  • Stakeholder Management
  • Engaging change leaders

Engagement best practice mind mapping

  • 4 engagement processes
  • Building the Engagement Strategy

Roadmap Pro application mastery

Practice delivery

  • preparing local sponsors for their role
  • understanding and building commitment to change

Practice delivery

  • managing resistance and tracking change progress

Day 3 - Executive Briefing Programme

Preparing for the programme

  • Materials, pre-work, logistics
  • Positioning the model and key concepts appropriately with senior sponsors
  • Handling common questions and objections

Line Managers – Leading teams through Change

  • Preparing for the programme – materials, pre-work, logistics
  • Appropriate positioning for local sponsors/managers
  • Building high-level change plans

Live Delivery preparation

  • Facilitator tricks and tips
  • Co-facilitation vs. solo facilitation

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