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Do you know if your change management is mature enough?

Our Maturity assessment can help you find out

Our Change Management Maturity Assessment – will help you baseline where you are against 4 levels of competency and associated mindsets, and in relation to the current/anticipated Change Load in your organisation.

Run the assessment based on your views of a specific team, business area, or the organisation as a whole. Then, why not request a meeting – for a no-obligation discussion about your assessment results - to learn how we can shape your roadmap to greater Change Management Maturity?

This is just one of the data gathering sources that form part of our evidenced-based Change Management approach. Our digital Change management toolkit uses research-based, proven diagnostics to gather and compare data quickly across multiple sources.

84% of Change Leaders believe that the quality of their actions throughout the change process are significantly improved by the people data and evidence they are able to gather and analyse.

Changefirst research programme


Need to learn more? Talk to us about:

  • Tailoring an agile, flexible Roadmap, to help build your internal capability
  • Starting small and growing quickly towards a sustainable enterprise-level change capability
  • Digitalising your Change Management for greater effectiveness in today’s environment