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Create an Agile Change Management culture

Foster a mindset that change 'is' your business with our agile Change Management methodology

How we help

We help you create an agile Change Management culture, as part of an agile operating model. With a Change Management solution built around the following key components:

C-suite behaviours shape culture. We work with Executives and Steering Teams to ensure that your leadership are sending the right signals to foster an agile culture. At our Executive Bootcamp we work with leaders on behaviours and practices that:

  • keep organisational context front of mind as a focused platform to manage the demand and desire for changes
  • sponsor and invest in building repeatable assets– people, skills and tools. So that no time is lost re-inventing the wheel
  • understand and adjust change leadership style and key behaviours to match and get the benefit from a more hyper connected environment
  • actively analyse data to track and manage implementation. Place a premium on small releases (MVPs) and iterative development based on real feedback and engagement


  • Ensures appropriate funding and resources are made available for change
  • Guarantees active support and promotion of an agile operating model
  • Desired new behaviours are modelled, recognised and rewarded

We help you leverage the benefits of digital technology, change best practice, tools and metrics. All aligned with Agile Project Management approaches.

Changefirst’s Roadmap Pro is a SaaS application with all of the knowledge, skills, tools and step-by-step processes for planning, delivering and tracking the people aspects of change.

The application is ready-to-use, 'out-of-the box'. With a wealth of proven digital, templates, automated surveys and pre-populated actions. All informed by our proven PCI® (People-Centred Implementation) methodology.



  • Combines with the project planning and delivery process internally to cultivate organisational agility
  • Creates reusable assets to support future project iterations
  • Enables you to plan faster and smarter with pre-populated resources
  • Strengthens sustainability when the project ends and the solution goes into operational delivery and BAU
This is one of the most successful projects I have led – getting off to a strong start with high engagement both centrally and globally. It didn’t slow-down the projects and user acceptance rates for the new HR system we deployed was high.

Global Lead HR Customer & Channels


By providing the skills, tools and methods so they can help themselves; each playing their part in the change process.

Our training comes from a proven, recognised source that incorporates learning best practice – our research-based PCI® (People-centred Implementation) methodology. Which means that we can configure learning solutions quickly; matching your specific needs.

We can deliver role-relevant application-focused learning workshops for Executives, Change & Project specialists, Managers & Team leaders and impacted individuals and Groups.

Either virtually, face-to-face or as e-learning on-demand.



  • Ensures immediate application of learning and skills
  • Means key skills and tools are made widely available
  • Consistent capability created which is easy to repeat

Download a copy of our Agile Change ebook

Taking an agile approach is increasingly important in organisations but what are the implications are for Change Management?

Download a copy of our eBook to find out:

  • What exactly is agile – and what is driving the need for it?
  • What agile means for Change Management and how to adapt your approach to align with it
  • Why Enterprise Change Management is the key building block of Enterprise agility

Talk to us about:

  • Quickly aligning your Change Management with an agile approach that makes change everyone’s business
  • How you can leverage our proven approach and digital capability to take an enterprise level approach to Change Management in your organisation