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Building Enterprise Change Management level capability in your organisation

And make change everyone's business

How we help

Our enterprise-level change capability solutions create a highly agile, practical ECM Roadmap. Get methods, skills and tools to where they are needed most, quickly. Increasing collaboration, employee engagement and transparency during change and transformation.

There are a number of key components to our approach as follows:

Organisations are under pressure to change more and faster, than ever before. Digital disruption is adding to the challenge. But it is also creating an opportunity for a different type of Change Management approach. Supported by digital technology - achieve ECM far easier and cost-effectively than in the past.

However, to achieve enterprise-wide capability, organisations need a level of maturity – both change and digital; they also need some:

  • Basic awareness of current maturity levels
  • Practical understanding of key risks, where to invest, and how quickly to develop
  • Best advice for planning the way forward to ECM

So you know you need to improve capability. But how do you assess exactly where you are maturity and capacity terms?

Our Current State Maturity Assessment provides a comprehensive insight into your organisation’s:

  1. Maturity Level in relation to your current Change Load in your organisation
  2. Change-related Capacity available for your individual Change Initiatives

It uses evidence-based, proven diagnostic tools to gather data quickly from key leaders and stakeholders in your organisation. You can try it here.

Then, why not book a meeting with us – share your results and let’s talk about how we can shape an ECM Roadmap for you?


Our training is role-relevant. We focus on applying new skills and tools immediately to build confidence and reduce time-to-value. We deliver in the most flexible and cost-effective way for:


Digital Change Management is much easier and cost-effective to scale to different needs. As you build a repeatable enterprise-level capability.

Licensing our innovative SaaS application – Roadmap Pro®, provides:

  • All of the Change Management tools, planning, and just-in-time learning you need, safely 24/7 in the cloud
  • Flexible and customisable processes
  • Learning and execution support on-demand
  • Higher levels of engagement with multi-lingual survey tools
  • People-risk data analytics and pre-populated, editable plans
  • Virtual, global collaboration, transparency and reporting

Our onboarding is quick and effective. With flexible licensing options for teams, projects and whole enterprises. Watch our video to learn more.

Or request a demo for an in-context discussion about features and benefits for your organisation.


Virtual Change Management Certification

How Change mature is your organisation?

Our solutions are all designed to build the level of Change Maturity in your organisation.

Take our Change Management Maturity assessment and:

  • get a measure of maturity that will help you determine the nature and scope of organisational change demand
  • baseline where you are against 4 levels of competency and associated mindsets
  • shape your roadmap to developing great Change maturity and capability


While our training delivery - whether virtual or face-to-face - is experiential and action-focused, the current business climate does not afford organisations long preparation times.

Our advisory services, coaching, and consulting provide 6 weeks - to 6-month packages with Changefirst experts, to:

  • boost practitioner and team confidence
  • accelerate change planning and implementation
  • help build a receptive infrastructure, e.g. CoE, CMO framework
  • align change management practices with other project processes
  • configure engagement interventions for use with leaders and stakeholders

Get off to a quick and confident start with proven pilots and proof-of-concept (PoC).

Below is an example 6-month PoC but talk to us about tailoring one to your specific needs.

Alignment Workshop (1 day)

  • Agree fit with internal processes
  • Identify the Golden Journey

Sponsor Briefing (2 hours)

  • Build support for the process
  • Explore data analytics and insights from digital tools
  • Explore digital SaaS application benefits for data-based planning, measurement, and tracking

Digital Application set-up (6-month licence)

  • Configuration of Roadmap Pro as required
  • (PoC) user licencing and onboarding
  • Identify pilot projects

PoC team training workshop (2 days)

  • Methodology training, immediate application to pilot projects
  • Guidance on process alignment
  • Ongoing email support

Application support

  • Bi-monthly application workshops/coaching circles with PoC team
  • Mid-point review with Sponsor
  • Application workshop and Coaching Circles with PoC

It’s the unique combination of digital tools, proven methods, ready-to-use materials and expert learning services. That helped us to evolve our ability to innovate and effect more change quicker and more sustainably.

Global Programme Director


Talk to us about:

  • Tailoring an agile, flexible Roadmap, with solutions to fit your particular situation
  • Starting small and growing quickly towards a sustainable enterprise-level change capability
  • Digitalising your Change Management for greater effectiveness in today’s environment