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Flexible, on-demand Change Management Learning

That scales capability quickly right across your organisation

Virtual Change Management Certification

Quickly develop and scale your Change Capability

Our proven, on-demand learning:

  • features 4 powerful modules - and meets the needs of a wide range of employees from accidental Change Agents to Leaders and people specialists
  • is available in 6 languages - English, French, German, Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish
  • provides flexibility in delivery - via our digital platform or your own in-house LMS
Changefirst provided highly cost effective skills, methods and tools to help us equip a large group of managers to drive change locally with their teams.

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Virtual Change Management Certification

Who can benefits from this training?

This programme of e-learning modules is best suited for:

  • Leaders and people specialists who need to develop business resilience - preparing and supporting large groups for major transformation
  • Remote and hybrid workers who are remote and need to get up to speed with Change Management and a consistent way of doing things
  • Employees impacted by change who need to self-manage during major organisational change and build their personal adaptability in times of disruption
  • Accidental Change Agents or anyone new to change who needs an introduction to Change Management

Virtual Change Management Certification

Build Change expertise in 6 different languages

Many of our clients are global companies with employees who speak a broad range of languages.

The use of Business English may well be expected in some areas. However, in laboratories, factories, process centres and shop floors being able to learn and explore in your own native language has significantly broadened access for organisations to build agility in change. And grow a sustainable capability that makes change everybody’s business.

Which is why our on-demand learning is available in English, French, German, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese.

Could your organisation benefit from this powerful capability?

Digitally enabled

Our digital platform based approach enables more people to access this On-demand Learning content and develop their Change skills

Scales quickly

Enables you to quickly ramp up Change Management learning programs and get knowledge to where it is needed - fast

Significant cost savings

Removes the need for costly workshop-based training and enables employees to fit Change training around their daily work schedules

Available in 6 languages

Multi-lingual programmes available at all levels from Senior Management to the shopfloor

Flexible delivery

These SCORM compliant modules can be delivered via your LMS or our digital platform

This SCORM compliant, multi-lingual elearning is available via the Academy feature in our digital Change Management platform but the following 4 highly interactive modules can also be made available on your own organisational LMS if required.

Access via our digital platform

Or make it available on your own LMS

Changefirst slashes training costs for global Healthcare client by 85%

Download a copy of our customer success story to learn how we used our on-demand learning to create a highly effective solution for a global healthcare provider that:

  • slashed organisational training costs from £400,000 to £600,000
  • proved to be a highly cost-effective way to supplement specialist training, certification and executive development
  • meant the organisation could provide Change Management training to 5 times more people globally

Interested to explore the options for your organisation? Get in touch