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Drive-up user adoption of critical technologies

Deliver measurable business outcomes

How we help

We enable leaders and their teams to close the Adoption Services Gap. By driving high levels of people engagement in technology projects.

There are a number of key components to our approach as follows:

We provide know-how, tools and metrics that are easy to align with the technology delivery process. To help employees and other stakeholders embrace and use the new technology effectively and sustainably.

Roadmap Pro is our Change Management SaaS application. Includes skills, tools and step-by-step process for planning, delivering and tracking the people aspects of change.

It is ready-to-use, ‘out-of-the box’. With a wealth of proven digital tools, templates, automated surveys and pre-populated actions. Based on our proven PCI® (People-Centred Implementation) methodology.



  • Our framework combines with the technology delivery process to cultivate organisational agility
  • Strengthens sustainability when the technology goes into operation and BAU
  • Creates reusable assets to support other change delivery projects

Providing the skills, tools and processes from our proven methodology which are relevant to specific roles. As well as the needs of key people in the change process.

This enables:

  • Executives and Leaders to manage the change load. Guide, direct and actively sponsor the people aspects of technology implementation
  • Project and Programme teams and PMOs to integrate Change Management activities into their technology deliver plans
  • Line Managers and local Change Champions to reinforce change and motivate the teams in their parts of the organisation


  • Our training is highly contextual and role relevant
  • It is focused on applying new skills and tools immediately to build confidence and reduce time-to-value
  • Training is delivered in the most flexible and cost-effective way depending on your needs including:

    • virtual webinar
    • face-to-face
    • e-learning or video on-demand
    • Train-the-Trainer
There was really no need to lose time re-inventing the wheel. Using the Changefirst methodology as our base and putting key people tools at the heart of how we operate. Our change management was able to keep pace with a very dynamic change agenda.

Head of People & Org. Effectiveness


While our training delivery - whether virtual or face-to-face - is experiential and action-focused. Our SaaS application has learning support on-demand.

The current business climate often does not afford organisations long preparation times. So, we provide the expert advisory resources needed to accelerate application of new skills, methods and tools. To improve time to value.

We do this by providing advisory services, coaching, and consulting. Where Changefirst experts work with your team on project delivery and capability building.

To provide the level of project acceleration needed.



  • Provides an instant boost to practitioner and team confidence
  • Aligns Change and Project management processes
  • Quickly configures key interventions for engagement

Talk to us about:

  • Working with you to drive up adoption on your critical technology projects
  • Changefirst providing the advisory and coaching services you need to make a quick impact on key projects