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Do you know how Change capable your organisation is?

The Change Capability Diagnostic can help you find out

Virtual Change Management Certification

Change Capable organisations think differently

They take a proactive approach to developing capability with a focus on:

  • creating the organisational mindsets and behaviours that are more conducive to Change
  • investing to embed the processes and capabilities needed for more agile Change within their organisation

The Change Capability Diagnostic (which we deliver in association with our partner Change Synergy) is part of a proven approach to enabling you to assess and develop a Change Capable Culture.

In keeping with the research-based approach at the heart of our solutions the diagnostic assesses three pillars – leadership, application and environment - across 11 distinct dimensions.



Assess your organisation’s current level of Change Capability using our evidence based diagnostic tool


Identify the indicators of risk to successfully implementing change in your organisation


Develop a plan to build the change capability required in order to successfully deliver your strategic initiatives


Support your organisation to build the required level of internal change capability

Having the data helped us direct our efforts towards the things that needed improving instead of where it wouldn’t add value.

Melinda Charlton



Virtual Change Management Certification

  • An assessment of your organisation’s top strengths and risks in terms of Change Capability. Highlighting the strength of your starting point as well as where you most need to direct your efforts in order to build Change Capability
  • An indication of risk for each of the Change Capability sub-dimensions
  • An average Change Capability assessment score, for year on year Change Capability benchmarking purposes
  • Practical recommendations for addressing identified risks


Download a copy of our QIC case study

Download a copy of our Case Study which explains how QIC - one of the largest institutional investment managers in Australia with over 900 employees across Australia, the US and Europe - chose the Change Capability diagnostic and:

  • were able to baseline their Change capabilityand identify their strengths, weaknesses and overall maturity
  • used the data provided to target their efforts to where it would deliver most value
  • deliver on their plan 6 months ahead of schedule

Do you need to assess Change Capability in your organisation?