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Proven and practical proprietary methodologies

With effective global, multi-industry application

Our entire approach is pragmatic and based on sound research - reflected in our proprietary methodologies.

Both PCI® (People-Centred Implementation) and PAI (Personal Adaptability Inventory) provide practical, results-oriented and highly accessible change methods for individuals, leaders and their teams.

PCI® (People-Centred Implementation)

Our research-based, highly practical, results-oriented Change Management methodology, for planning and executing the people-side of change


Leaders, professionals & individuals trained/certified globally


Certified Master Trainers inside global organisations

40 years+

Academic and field research

Powering our digital change SaaS application - Roadmap Pro


PAI (Personal Adaptability Inventory)

Our proprietary psychometric, with development system, help leaders and their teams develop resilience and adaptability for change

40 years+

academic and field research


Users and development professionals

Virtually enabled for learning and development on-demand

Highly cost-effective learning and development for larger, remote, distributed groups


6 Critical Success Factors that are proven to help you:

  • Plan and successfully navigate the impact of organisational transformations on people
  • Prepare change management plans that that drive up adoption of new technologies and processes
  • Measure and track what’s happening with people during organisational change and use real data to accelerate engagement and sustain commitment
“It’s the unique combination of technology, tools, with expert adoption and learning support that helped us to get off to a very quick start and embed a sustainable capability to support our culture of innovation.”

Business Process Director


Download our Change methodology eBook

Without a planned approach, tackling change can be daunting.

Download Our Change Management Methodology eBook - How PCI® Helps You Implement Change to learn more about creating the leadership case for a change management methodology and:

  • How to identify 5 barriers to lasting change
  • Change capacity vs demand - including where organizations fall short
  • Overcoming resistance and building commitment
  • The 6 Critical Success Factors of change

Virtual Change Management Certification

PAI creates a stepping stone to adaptability, capacity, learning and engagement for individuals and teams.

Our highly practical, research-based 7 resilience characteristics method (PAI) helps build and maintain resilience levels among leaders and their team, easily depleted by:

  • The impact of Change overload
  • Poorly managed or failed change


Our proven Methodologies help our clients respond quickly and cost effectively to business transformation challenge

Building and maintaining individual/team resilience to assimilate more change

Managing people risks that can derail individual project

Tracking and reporting change results across workstreams and projects

Understanding and managing the impact of excessive demands/change saturation across the organisation

Building sustainable internal change capabilities for expert teams and enterprises to control their transformation agenda

We chose Changefirst because PCI provided a structured, yet highly flexible approach to change and building our own capability.

Head of Change


They are proven, research-based and promote trust and agility

Ready to use ‘out-the-box' and easy to configure for a closer fit to your needs

Digital-capability supports remote deployment of methodology; distributed working

Boost engagement, reporting and transparency with digital capability

Widen access and scale at a fraction of the cost of other providers with on-demand learning

Ensure you get started quickly with a network of capability rather than a lone hero – with role relevant learning