Our Change Management solution will differentiate your Consulting Firm

Use our proven, world-class digital Change Management solution to create sticky client relationships and boost revenues in an increasingly competitive environment.

Change Management Solutions for Consulting Firms.

For consulting firms, the need to differentiate is more urgent than ever. We know the competitive pressure you are increasingly under as you look to compete with larger players. You need a Change Management system that is easy for your consultants to pick up, learn and use and flexible enough to align with your other offerings.

Our Change Management solutions are trusted by Consulting Firms who want to level the playing field and stand out from the crowd. Our proven capability building expertise, tailored training solutions and revolutionary Change Management platform, Roadmap Pro®, provide the agility and productivity your teams need to win and retain more business.

For the last few years we have successfully used Changefirst’s methodology and SaaS tool to enable our clients to implement their business strategies.

Jan-Philipp Hoelz, Senior Manager


Differentiating Your Change Management Services

The impact of digital transformation that is turning business models upside down means that change plans have to be more precise, timely and focused. Our proven research-based approach uses best practice to make it easier and quicker to build, integrate and align change plans.

Compete and Increase Consulting Revenues

In a high-velocity world change is everyone's business - from senior leaders, through line managers to people on the front line. We help organizations to quickly build the capability they need, with “just-in time” training designed to enable learning and application of key tools and skills quickly.

Build Team Productivity and Effectiveness

We have been helping organizations to build enterprise-wide change capability for nearly 25 years and have digitalized our own expertise and capabilities in our Roadmap Pro digital platform - available to your organization now, in a highly flexible subscription-based model.

Delivery to suit you

Choose from on-demand videos, live webinar training, face-to-face in-person training and more.

Easy onboarding

No setup headaches - we guide you every step of the way, from platform integration, through to training and reporting.

Role-based learning

Proven research-based training and coaching for the project team, the change agent network, local business leaders and executive teams.

Powered by PCI®

Our Forrester recognized methodology provides a proven, flexible, people-centred approach, backed by 25+ years of research and over 40k global practitioners.

Featuring Roadmap Pro®

Roadmap Pro® is our digital Change Management platform, and is included as standard for all our clients.

Make it work your way

Flexible enough to be customized to work for your product language and implementation processes.

Expert Change Management Resources for Consulting Firms

Our thinking: whitepapers, videos, blogs and more.