Technology Company Change Management Solutions

Use our proven, world-class digital Change Management solution to be sure you get the measurable business outcomes and adoption you, and your clients, need.

Change Management for Technology Companies

We know how crucial it is for you to deliver business outcomes for your customers and to drive user adoption of your solutions. Our SaaS platform – Roadmap Pro® - enables you to deliver high-quality change management tools to your customers. By using the platform, you'll be able to increase user readiness, manage the people impact of change, increase leadership support and provide your customers with real-time data on adoption progress.

Our technology change management process enables you to drive higher adoption rates and subscription renewals by providing high-value adoption services for your customers.

The Roadmp Pro® platform gave us the tools, techniques and data we needed to drive our adoption plans across our customer's business.

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Increase Adoption and Drive Renewals

It’s essential that technology companies provide their clients with measurable business outcomes on technology investments. At the same time, increasing adoption is critical to driving subscription renewal. To do that you need to change user behavior, which is where our dashboard driven Roadmap Pro ® platform comes in.

Create new Revenue Streams for your Business

Increasing the percentage of service to software revenues is critical. Declining software and subscription prices have opened up a new revenue stream around Change Management support. Our Roadmap Pro® platform lets you take advantage of this with key features like powerful step-by-step planning, collaborative working, built-in learning and 11 multilingual diagnostic tools.

High Value Support that your clients will pay for

Customers looking for successful technology implementation are willing to pay for high value support, and by deploying a digital platform like Roadmap Pro® you are able to provide them with a quick and cost-effective solution. All configured to fit your product language – and your product implementation process.

Delivery to suit you

Choose from on-demand videos, live webinar training, face-to-face in-person training and more.

Easy onboarding

No setup headaches - we guide you every step of the way, from platform integration, through to training and reporting.

Role-based learning

Proven research-based training and coaching for the project team, the change agent network, local business leaders and executive teams.

Powered by PCI®

Our Forrester recognized methodology provides a proven, flexible, people-centred approach, backed by 25+ years of research and over 40k global practitioners.

Featuring Roadmap Pro®

Roadmap Pro® is our digital Change Management platform, and is included as standard for all our clients.

Make it work your way

Flexible enough to be customized to work for your product language and implementation processes.

Expert Change Management resources for technology companies

Our thinking: whitepapers, videos, blogs and more.