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Virtual Change Management Certification

Virtual Instructor-led Change Management Certification

Get the Change Management skills, tools, and credibility you need to deliver major change - safely and quickly online.

Learn PCI®, our Forrester recognized methodology which provides a proven, flexible, people-centred approach to organizational change.

The program is designed to work around your schedule with 4 highly interactive online modules spread over 2 days.


Face to Face Training

A range of blended and action learning workshops for stakeholders across the organization including:

  • Change agents
  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Individuals

On-demand learning

A series of on-demand learning modules covering a range of topics including:

  • Delivering Organizational Change
  • Exploring People-Centred Implementation (PCI®)
  • Thriving Through Change
  • Leading My Team Through Change


Build an internal community of change experts that can facilitate Change Management training and:

  • Learn how to teach and deliver 4 core Changefirst Face to Face training workshops
  • Access a library of high quality trainer manuals and materials

Organization Certification

Assess how effective your change training investment is with certification at two levels:

  • Level 1 - Foundation certification: validate retained knowledge of PCI® ability to use it
  • Level 2 - Advanced certification: An assessment of effective Change Agent behaviour, in application of PCI®

Content licensing

Scale your employee training in a cost-effective way using proven materials from Changefirst including:

  • Unlimited access to training materials
  • Ability to customise and integrate content with project processes
  • Less expensive than buying individual materials or Changefirst led programs

Books on Change

Two titles by David Miller, Founder and Chairman of Changefirst from our library:

Global delivery capability

Changefirst has the capability for global delivery of our training and certification programmes across:

  • UK & EMEA

To discuss your specific programme requirements please contact us.