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ROI of Change Management

How effective Change Management makes a substantial difference to your project performance

The Power of Data Report 1

Unlocking the potential for successful change by understanding change legacy and tracking risks

The Power of Data Report 2

Unlocking the potential for successful change by building effective change leadership

A C-suite guide to building change capability

A guide to ensuring that effective change capabilities become a part of your organization’s DNA.

How PCI® Helps You Implement Change

Without a planned approach, tacking change can be daunting. And, hit and miss.

How Change Management Improves Your Project Management

Change Management and Project Management are complimentary disciplines, yet, projects often fail due to a lack of focus on people

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Why Change Management data is the key to your success

At Changefirst we believe that Change Management data is a core component that underpins the 6 Change Management Critical Success Factors (CSFs).

How to incorporate Change Management into Agile Project Management

We are often asked by our clients is how do they incorporate Change Management with an agile project management methodology.

5 data driven insights to help you implement change that “sticks”

Learning from the past, from others, from both successes and failures is critical for future change implementation success.

Enterprise Change Management: assessing change maturity

Understanding where you are right now is as important as identifying where you are going. When planning your Change Management maturity journey

Is your Change Management capability missing the agile bus?

Being agile has become an imperative of the modern organization and more and more of our client organizations are using an agile framework.

Aligning local and organizational change factors for successful change

Have you ever witnessed change in an organization that is inconsistently implemented across different parts of the organization?

Changefirst videos

Factors that drove the development of Roadmap Pro

Changefirst founder David Miller explains the factors leading to the development of Roadmap Pro, the online business transformation toolkit.

The importance of tracking people change metrics

Learn why people-centred tracking allows for lead measures of success to be taken as early indicators of whether your project is on track.

An introduction to People Centred Implementation (PCI®)

Hear Audra Proctor, Head of Learning at Development at Changefirst explore the 6 Critical Success Factors for change implementation