Our research consistently identifies 6 critical success factors key to delivering change successfully

Poorly implemented change creates a Value Gap

One of the reasons organizations don’t reap the full benefits of change initiatives is that change is often installed rather than implemented. Installation means that organizations often put the hard stuff in – such as structures, processes and software.

They don’t realize that this is just a milestone towards full implementation. The real challenge is enabling their people to commit to new ways of working and to change their behaviors so that the change is implemented. This variation between installation and implementation creates a Value Gap.

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6 critical success factors to reduce the Value Gap

The cost of installed change is high in terms of people costs, leadership credibility and also your overall competitiveness as an organization. But the answer to closing the gap and implementing change that sticks lies firmly with your people – and in an approach we developed called People Centred Implementation or PCI® for short.

PCI® is a structured approach to delivering change and specifically change projects that your change agents, executives, managers and employees can easily learn, adopt and apply in order to deliver change successfully – at both an organization and local level.

To learn more about PCI® download our white paper – How PCI® helps you implement change.


A management team with a vision for change implementation

Our work is entirely shaped by research and our learnings from over 600,000 data points across 75 clients in 45 countries.

David Miller- Founder and CEO, Changefirst

Everything we do for clients is firmly focussed on enabling them to drive their change implementation more effectively.

Audra Proctor - Head of Learning and Development, Changefirst

Roadmap Pro – a new approach to implementing PCI®

Until recently we worked with clients to implement PCI® through a combination of action learning workshops, online learning and access to our powerful planning, analytical and diagnostic tools – and we have worked with over 300 organizations in over 45 countries, training more than 30,000 people in the process.

But in the last 5 years we have seen a quantum shift in our business – driven by the pace of change accelerating at an increasing rate, the wholesale disruption of business models and a client-side requirement for solutions to be cost effective.

We realised we needed a different delivery model – and this led to the creation of Roadmap Pro – a SaaS based transformational toolkit which provides all the benefits of our previous approach all from one single online dashboard.