Change First - Analyze


Our e-change diagnostic tools allow change managers to effectively analyze risks on projects and act quickly on high risk issues.

The tool includes suggested actions and can be used to assess, plan and track changes as well as benchmark changes and segment data for internal comparison purposes.

How much easier would change be if you understood the risks and were able to manage them?

e-change’s diagnostic tools give your business early insight into the people risks associated with change, recommended actions based on 20 years’ research, and benchmarks against global and industry standards — giving you more control and peace of mind over change.

What can you do with diagnostics from e-change?

  • Assess risk — In a few clicks assessments can be sent to employees and groups in up to 9 languages and then automatically collated, analyzed and reported on.
  • Analyze risk — Instantly overview all assessment results, highlighting their project adoption risks and benchmarking them against historical, global and industry standards giving an accurate view of the big picture.
  • Report — Quickly report on trends and risk indicators enabling prioritization of plans and highlighting of behaviors that create successful change and lead to successful change implementation.
  • Plan — Easily create detailed plans based on qualitative data and recommended tactics to manage project risks.
  • Collaborate – e-change has been specifically designed with collaboration in mind. All reports, analysis and plans can be easily shared with colleagues and feedback received at any time and from any device.