City of Stockholm perfectly illustrates a vision for change

As we know, building commitment to change begins at the level of the individual and their decisions and behaviours. Well, the City of Stockholm, like JFK before them, have set out their long term change vision of becoming a fossil fuel free city by 2050.
That’s a way off, I here you cry. However, the City [...]

Posted by Brian Casey on September 15th, 2010

We still need to manage change out of the downturn

This is an extract from a survey we commissioned and published in September 2009, about managing change through the financial downturn. The findings and implications, even in slightly more stable financial conditions, are still relevant are year on.
‘The survey was commissioned to help organisations understand the change challenges in the current environment and to point [...]

Posted by Brian Casey on September 10th, 2010

Is hierarchy damaging your change strategy execution?

In July’s Newsletter, I referred to research carried out by Harvard Business Review on change strategy execution. I couldn’t link to it at the time because it wasn’t live, so here it is, Hierachy can hurt strategy execution.
The top 4 survey findings are:

the biggest execution challenge is making strategy meaningful [...]

Posted by Brian Casey on August 13th, 2010