Why Project Managers Need Enterprise Change Management

By David Miller, CEO, Changefirst

On Friday 19th June, I led a round table discussion at the APMG Showcase in London. The discussion was all about Enterprise Change Management (ECM) and how it can benefit organizations. Because this session was focused on Program and Project Managers (P&PM’s), it made me think about what the true relevance [...]

Posted by David Miller, CEO of Changefirst on June 17th, 2015

Restoring Competitive Edge through Operational Excellence

By Audra Proctor, Head of Learning & Development, Changefirst
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Recently, in the course of my work with some of our global client organizations, I’ve encountered at least three major Operational Excellence (OPEX)/LEAN initiatives being deployed. In all cases these have been wide-reaching and highly disruptive to people because of the behaviour shifts [...]

Posted by Audra Proctor (Head of Learning Services for Changefirst) on May 27th, 2015

Real Change Practitioner Stories: Implementing a Restructure

By Hanna Greenfield, Marketing Manager, Changefirst
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In the next few blogs I will share some real-life stories of how some of our clients handled specific change issues. If you would like to share a change management story (what worked well, what didn’t work) with other change practitioners, please get in touch!

Engaging the [...]

Posted by Hanna Greenfield on February 9th, 2015