3 Principles for helping people adapt to change

When helping people adapt to change communication is key.
In addition to effective communication, we offer 3 principles that will help you help your people adapt to change and sustain personal performance. They are:

Treat resistance as natural
Help people understand their own reactions to change
Expect people to go backwards as well as forwards

Our full length article explains these 3 principles in [...]

Posted by Anne-Lise MacKenzie on May 28th, 2012

3 principles for helping people adapt to change

Helping people adapt to change is best done by middle and front-line managers – who we call local sponsors.
They need to:

ask people

involve people

and start the communication from where people are, not where they want them to be.

All of these things are very important during change projects, but when seeking to sustain personal performance there are [...]

Posted by Anne-Lise MacKenzie on June 21st, 2011

Be more effective during change – Training Journal

An article written by our own David Miller appears in this months Training Journal. Entitled ‘Be more effective during change’, it looks at the role e-learning can play in helping managers deal with change.
The article explains that by managers building their own sense of personal resilience, they are able to take [...]

Posted by Anne-Lise MacKenzie on December 22nd, 2010