6 lessons for change implementation success

In the November issue of our newsletter we share the 6 most common lessons for implementing change successfully. These lessons have been gleaned from client feedback, and we believe they make very compelling reading. They are: #1: Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it #2: It’s easy to let imperative […]

Posted by Anne-Lise MacKenzie on November 22nd, 2010

Our change management webinar programme 2010/11

We are currently confirming our programme for 2010/11. Whilst you are waiting, why not sign up to our newsletter or follow us on twitter to be kept up to date. We will be covering a wide range of topics including the ROI for change management, building commitment to change, change communications and passive sponsorship. The programme is […]

Posted by Anne-Lise MacKenzie on September 20th, 2010

How we get things done.

I’ve been evaluating my productivity for the last couple of weeks, looking to see where I can make incremental, yet significant improvements. Two major developments, have been applying the Getting Things Done framework, and mastering Inbox Zero. The latter, took me 2 weeks to get a grip of but it’s made a huge difference to how […]

Posted by Anne-Lise MacKenzie on July 27th, 2010