Top 5 Organisational Change Stress Busters

By Audra Proctor, Head of Learning & Development, Changefirst

In recent months I’ve been dealing with false economies in the world of change management. False economies are everywhere, with decisions and actions being put in place to save money and time proving to be a time thief, more costly and stressful in the long run. One [...]

Posted by Audra Proctor (Head of Learning Services for Changefirst) on August 21st, 2015

Social media is a learning tool

The role of social media in learning has sparked a debate that is likely to continue for some time yet. I have just finished reading this brief article in HR Magazine which summarises a discussion that took place at the World of Learning Conference and Exhibition at the NEC, this week.
Social media is for many [...]

Posted by Anne-Lise MacKenzie on September 30th, 2010

Organisational Change: a twitter discussion

There is a very informative group on LinkedIn called¬†Organizational Change Practitioners. If you aren’t already involved, then I encourage you to join and get involved. Those of you that are involved will most probably be aware that they have been running a twitter based brainstorm on the very topic of Organisational Change.
The first session took [...]

Posted by Anne-Lise MacKenzie on May 14th, 2010